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Collaborative Online Resource Environment and Electronic Scheduling Tool CORE EST

CORE EST was initially developed for the U.S. Air Force 505th Command and Control Wing to unify several existing, disparate systems for large scale event and exercise planning of the management of personnel, material assets, workflow, document management and scheduling, into a single pane of glass management console

CORE EST was designed and built to simplify your business processes through the unification of your existing tools with the CORE EST out of the box functionality, creating a single portal that allows easy 

Single Pane of Glass

Strong support for scheduling comes from the close integration with Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint.  Features include shared calendars that facilitate publishing GANTT charts at the push of a button, easy calendar conflict resolution, lists of personnel and materials to be used in the scheduled event and mapped locations. Additionally, calendars can be viewed in a variety of formats.

Scheduling and Calendaring

The powerful training curriculum management in CORE EST enables the detailed storage and organization of your curriculum, along with any supporting materials.  Materials can be categorized into catalogs that are tagged with their respective lessons, objectives and instructors.  Changes to curriculum details can be edited in SharePoint library .

Document and Knowledge Management

CORE EST is built to run on the scalable power of your existing Microsoft SharePoint farm, using your security implementation.  The main features of this solution tap into the robust content management, Microsoft Office integration, Outlook calendaring and search capabilities, to name a few.

Leverages Your Existing Tools

One Platform Many Uses

Idea and Data Exchange
Personnel Qualifications,  training, etc.
Learning Management
Knowledge Management
Document Library Management
Enteprise Planning and Scheduling
Student Surveys
Certifications, etc.

  • maintenance of your organizations knowledge base

  • Tracking of personnel qualification and training

  • coordination and scheduling of small to large scale activities

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