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Fusion Advantage Intelligence Management Tools

​Currently implemented in over 13 law enforcement and anti-terrorism agencies worldwide, Fusion Advantage provides a powerful  set of customizable data management tools that will unify your intelligence workflow systems, data and processes in a single pane of glass. 






Although Fusion Advantage is powerful out of the box, we understand that each agency and/or group has differing intelligence management needs. That's why we built Fusion Advantage to be flexible. Here's a partial rundown of our previous enhancements to Fusion Advantage

External Data Inflow Systems

Document Retention, Archiving and Deletion Rules

Geospatial Mapping

Advanced alerting Rules

Analysis Reports, Key Performance Indicators and Dashboards

Custom search indexing, scopes, taxonomies and tagging support

Powerful Workflow

While law enforcement, anti-terrorism and public safety agencies can differ in their processes, they all agree that a solid, repeatable and efficient intelligence workflow is the key to getting the right data in front of the right eyes quickly and efficiently. The built-in The Fusion Advantage workflow was developed using direct feedback from nationwide Fusion Center personnel. As each intake moves through the Intake, Analysis, Dissemination and Archive process, analysis text and supporting documentation are appended and user actions such as logins, activity duration, user ID and time/date and others are recorded for later auditing and reporting.


Intelligence data comes from a variety of sources and information often gets aggregated and stored using several disparate, ad-hoc tools and processes such as unstructured, shared network drives, shared e-mail boxes, cut and paste Word documents and transcribed phone conversations. To address this problem, Fusion Advantage comes with a customizable set of intake forms that closely reflect your business processes. Additionally, we can integrate your external data inflow systems with your intakes so you can easily process the information right from your Fusion Advantage portal. All intakes are saved securely in your SharePoint database as industry standard NIEM XML, making dissemination and sharing much easier to manage.

Flexible Intelligence Intake

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