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All of our high availability, secure, scalable solutions are built using the most current Microsoft .NET tools and best practices, in a cloud server environment that we manage, reducing your IT costs. Contact us today with questions or to set up your free demo.

Innovative Public and Private Safety Solutions

Fusion Advantage

Public Safety Intelligence Management Tools

Fusion Advantage was originally designed for, and is still in use by intelligence professionals across North America. Built to be easily implemented on your existing SharePoint infrastructure, Fusion Advantage combines powerful out of box intelligence intake, analysis workflow, dissemination and archiving, while maintaining customizability to support unification of many types of data inflow and storage systems that you already utilize in your workflow.


Collaborative Online Resource Environment and Electronic Scheduling

CORE unifies an organizations scheduling, calendaring, resource management, document management, workflow and project management into an easy to use, integrated, web based system. Unified systems include Outlook, Office, SharePoint and SQL Server.

TMIS Advantage

Threat Management Intelligence System

The world is increasingly complex and less stable.  There are more security challenged areas, domestically and internationally. TMIS proactively monitors a variety of systems, including social media, background check services and the dark web for links to your source data that could mean increased threat risk for your business and personnel.

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