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Persons and Groups of Interest

Custom Risk


Quantitative / Qualitative Risk Scoring

Country Risk Assessments

Threat Management Intelligence Service

TMIS actively monitors several large scale data streams specifically for direct or indirect links to the source data you specify, such as employee data.  From there, that data is vetted and defined further via our entity extraction and link analysis tools. Once the output has been sufficiently filtered and has an assigned risk score, a human intelligence specialist can use the built in analysis tools to further define any potential threats.

Azure Cloud Hosted Solution

TMIS will include the following data store features · High Security Model – Utilizes current state of the art encryption and authentication to ensure safe storage and handling of client data · Segregated Client Data – Each customer will have their own secure, separate data store. · Cloud based data store – Client data will be hosted in a secure cloud for ease of scaling storage needs.  The burden, risk and expense of on-prem hosting can be shifted to an all inclusive hosting company, saving the client money. · Easily Scalable for new subscribers – Because this solution is cloud based, new subscribers will be easily and efficiently onboarded. · Customer HR connector for easy data sync – Our custom HR connector will connect with existing client HR systems, using current standards based , secure data exchange methods.

Active Data Source Monitoring

Out of the box, TMIS provides several directly monitored data sources you can choose from to fit your business requirements and budget. Sources include popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and proprietary public record sources, such as Reuters CLEAR and TransUnion TLOx, in addition to dark web. 








Cognitive Services

Multi-Faceted Data Output

The results of the TMIS data processing will be used to create outputs that will include · Identified Persons of Interest – POIs (internal or external threat actors) that have been identified as meeting or exceeding one or more risk parameters that will be identified by the client. · Customized Reports – Key data regarding risk scores and identified Persons of Interest will be included in reports to clients.

Once the data has been gathered from the integration features, the TMIS workflow will use that data as inputs to the data processing module. The following data processing features have been included

Effective Risk Analysis

  • Intel analysts can review all of the data as part of the risk scoring and identification of persons of interest

  • Microsoft offers a variety of cognitive services that will allow the HUMINT analysts to run the compiled data through natural language processing for sentiment analysis, for instance. ·

  • Risk step in the analysis workflow will to create a risk score based on all gathered data and analysis

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